Photo of Felicity Joy


The Designer

Felicity Joy Crampton moved from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles in 2000. Using the skills she learned in school and her own artistic eye, she began designing and restoring pieces of jewelry for her friends. Felicity’s trademark is her use of one-of-a-kind materials (from antique charms passed down from great grandmother to son or a necklace left behind by a loved one now gone) to fashion jewelry for her clients that not only affects their eye, but their heart as well.

Through word of mouth, the demand for her designs led, in 2006, to Felicity launching her own line of necklaces and jewelry, aptly named, Felicity Joy. Since then she has refined her techniques utilizing vintage: chains, charms, and gem stones to give her designs a sense of individuality and story. Gathering inspiration from the relationships she shares with her friends and her global travels, each Felicity Joy creation is a one of a kind experience that abdicates manufactured designs in favor of designs that reflect a client’s unique personal style.

A Felicity Joy design “ is not just jewelry made for you, but a part of you made into jewelry.” Felicity Joy pink lightening bolt